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5 Reasons Why You Need Adobe Express Editor, Photoshop App

Adobe Photoshop Express Displayed on iPhone Pro 12 Max

Years ago it was difficult to imagine Photoshop’s software crammed into an iPhone app, but today this is entirely possible. In recent years, Adobe has taken their world-renowned creative software and put it in the palm of your hand. Photoshop is currently the most popular photo retouching software available. So popular in fact, that it remains a common household name. The Adobe Express editor app hosts Photoshop’s key features so now you can take photo retouching on the go. 

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As a designer, I’m always seeking ways to streamline my workflow. Using Adobe Photoshop Express allows me to retouch photos while commuting or running errands so if I don’t have enough time at my desktop, I can still get my work done. We’ve explored Photoshop for the iPad, and now we’ll take a look at this mobile editor app, Photoshop Express! In this article, I’ll explore five reasons why I love this app, and everything you need to know about the Adobe Express Editor!

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Adobe introduced three apps to cover their range of editing; Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix, and Photoshop Mix. The Adobe Express editor app makes editing on the go fast and easy. As a designer, I feel this app is very convenient and easy to use. Here’s why I downloaded Adobe Photoshop Express.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Editor App is Free

Adobe Express Editor displayed on iPhone Pro Max 12
Sarah Stoll / Stollhaus

My favorite aspect of the Adobe Express editor is that it is 100% free! That’s right, free Adobe Photoshop, at your fingertips! You don’t need a Creative Cloud subscription to use the Photoshop Express app, however, it should be noted there may be in-app purchases.

You can download the Photoshop Express photo editor app for free here in the app store and access the app’s most important features and Adobe updates. All you have to do is create an Adobe account, which makes the installation process fast and simple. You can create a free account by clicking here to access Adobe’s website.


2. Share on Social Media with Ease with Photoshop Express

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One of the things I love about the Photoshop Express photo editor is how easy it is to share your photos on social media. This is very convenient for businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are always busy and on the go! Most importantly, Adobe’s mobile app puts the magic of Photoshop at your fingertips.

You’ll appreciate how the Crop Tool in Adobe Photoshop Express comes with preset ratios for the dimensions of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Etsy, and even more social network platforms! This detail may seem small, but it will streamline your photo sharing process which will help to maximize your exposure on any social media platform. 

The best part about the Adobe Express Editor app is that it’s created by the top photo retouching software company, so this is an app that you can trust will suit your editing and marketing needs. You can feel prepared as you crop files for your Facebook page cover, event cover, profile picture, ads, and more, all from the convenience of your phone!


3. Customize Your File Quality Preferences In Adobe Express Editor

Screenshot of Photoshop Express app displaying easy image editor export menu.
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One of the unique features of Adobe Photoshop Express compared to other picture editing apps is that you can choose the size and resolution of your image before saving and sharing it. I love how I can set my own default preferences for the JPEG quality and image size because this feature makes export quick and easy.

To set your preferences in Photoshop Express, tap on the top-left corner menu button for export and tap Pixels and Image Quality to adjust before exporting. Adobe Express editor will remember these preferences for your next export. Your original photo is not lost during editing and you can undo/redo any changes as needed!

Best of all, the ability to set your preferences in Photoshop Express is absolutely free!

Using the export menu allows you to for conveniently share to social media and other Adobe applications. By saving files to Creative Cloud, you can access files from anywhere on all Adobe software platforms.


4. Work with RAW Files Just like Adobe Photoshop

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The ability to edit RAW files in Photoshop Express allows you to create images with excellent quality! If you’re not familiar with RAW files, RAW image format is a camera image file that contains data that is not yet processed. Rather, this data is minimally processed by the image sensor of a digital camera. Each camera brand has its own RAW files. For example, RAW files taken with my Canon DSLR appear with the name “CR2”.

RAW files are large, and as such, may take up a lot of storage space on your iPhone. If you choose to work with RAW files often due to their optimal image quality, you can save these files to the Adobe Document Cloud. As a result, you will save space on your phone and can trust that your files are secure. The Adobe Document Cloud is free with an Adobe Creative Suite subscription. Document Cloud is great for saving and securely sharing PDFS. Save to the Cloud for easy file access between your mobile iPhone and desktop! Click here to learn more about Adobe Document Cloud.

Adobe Express Editor supports JPG and PNG image files. You also have the option to export as PDF.

5. Post-Process directly from your Phone with the Adobe Photoshop Apps

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There’s no question, Adobe created a great mobile app with Photoshop Express. However, so I can get the best post-processing capabilities, I like to combine Photoshop Express with Photoshop Fix and Mix which you can download for free right in the app store! Using these apps will give you access an extensive amount of Photoshop’s features so you can most if not all of your post-processing directly from your phone.

The apps may never reach the level of Photoshop for the desktop, but they are a free and convenient way to access the features of Adobe Photoshop. What are you waiting for? Start making professional images today with an app that puts Photoshop’s software right in the palm of your hand!

There are even extra features in the Adobe Express editor such as frames, stickers, effects and more which can be a great way to make interesting content for your social media feed.

Intro to Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

This free photo editor app has a clear interface with plenty of photo editing features. The best part is, these features are catered towards social media so you can edit and share from your phone with ease. Out of all of the Adobe apps, Photoshop Express offers a great range of basic adjustments and effects. 

Adobe Express Editor Interface and Camera Feature

To get started in Adobe Express, you will see three main buttons across the top of the interface: Edit, Collage, and Mix. Under Mix, you can find tools to make cutouts and layer images. Each effect shows your image in a thumbnail as an example of how it will alter your image. The undo arrows are located in the top right menu.

Through the export menu, you can send images to your desktop by exporting files to Creative Cloud or directly to Photoshop. Through the app, you can access photos from Facebook, Google, and Dropbox.

Additionally, the in-app camera lets you apply effects such as artistic filters and stickers.

Photoshop Express Adjustments, Automatic Fixes, Borders, Tools, and More!

Adobe Express Editor displayed on iPhone Pro Max 12
Sarah Stoll / Stollhaus

We will go over Photoshop Express’s features, including over 45 effects called Looks, Auto Adjustments, and 30 border frames to add flair to your image. 

Basic adjustments in the app include; Saturation, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Dehaze, Exposure, Highlights and more. You can control your adjustments with the slider. For instance, you can adjust temp and tint by setting the slider at your desired result. Additionally, the app has auto white balance so your colors will be adjusted to how they looked in real life.

To get started, Select photos to edit or take photos in the app itself! A few tools include Crop, Straighten, Rotate, and flip. Don’t forget to take advantage of the default aspect ratios for easy editing! In terms of photo retouching tools, the Adobe Express Editor includes Spot Heal so you can remove blemishes. Additionally, you can remove red eye and pet eye by tapping the Red Eye tool.

Some additional effects you can use to stylize your photos include Split Tone, which can be done by tinting highlights and shadows. Additional basic effects include Blur, fade, and vignette.


To further explore adjustments you can make in the Adobe Express Editor, you can change your image’s exposure, color, saturation, and more. I love that Lightroom’s Vibrance adjustment is in this app because it punches up color without being oversaturated. Clarity is included as well to naturally adjust sharpness. You can access Dehaze and Noise Reduction with a subscription, which will give you even more access to Adobe software. To Subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite, click the banner below. One recent retouching addition to Adobe ‘s Lightroom app is a new set of tools including Texture and Enhance Details. 

One highlight I mentioned earlier is that you can crop in Photoshop Express with ease by choosing from preset ratios for social media such as the Facebook banner ratio. 


In terms of retouching, a basic Heal tool is included next to Adjustments in the Edit menu. If you would like more tools, the premium subscription allows slightly more in depth retouching. 

The Mix section of Photoshop Express has layer effects like blending modes and transparency. The Cutout tool allows you to select and drag. To refute your selection, use the Feather option or erase brush to clean up before confirming your Cutout. 


Photoshop Express includes several quick effects and fixes that can be found under Themes, Looks, and Overlays. These options provide filters you can add to your image. Additionally, check out Charms and Basic Looks to add effects and instagram like filters to your image!

Under Themes, you can apply filters and text overlays sectioned according to popular blogging topics like food and travel. This is very convenient for bloggers because you can quickly make themed content.

Overlays lets you add light leaks, bokeh, and textures that can add a new edge to your image. I like to add a tasteful amount of bokeh to spice up holiday pictures!


Photoshop Express gives you a range of Collage effects and layouts to choose from, in addition to text and borders. This isn’t a tool I use often, but it is fun to play with.

Export and Share

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Through the Adobe Express editor, you can join the Photoshop Express Discover community where you can share your work with others. This can be a great way to get feedback on your photography, or find fun photos to edit.

Through Creative Cloud, you can send your image to any of Adobe’s apps for further editing on your desktop. 

Adobe Express Editor Compared to Photoshop for iPad

Sarah Stoll / Stollhaus

Photoshop Express lets you conveniently retouch photos for social sharing. Similarly, Photoshop for iPad gives you convenient access to basic masking and retouching tools. Several main features are missing from both apps compared to the desktop Photoshop software. Photoshop for the iPad feels the most like the traditional desktop workspace and gives you access to more features. Using the Apple Pencil with the iPad feels the most comfortable for me. However, Photoshop Express is a great image editing app for your phone and includes filters, borders, and collage options that are not available in Photoshop for the iPad.

Laptop and iPhone in minimal, modern cafe setting.
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In conclusion, Photoshop Express is intended to streamline image post-processing for social media sharing, while Photoshop for iPad is catered towards designers and illustrators. Adobe responds to user feedback as they develop their app updates, so if there’s a feature you want, let them know! You can leave feedback on their website by clicking here

Should I get Adobe Photoshop Express?

Adobe Express Editor displayed on iPhone Pro Max 12
Sarah Stoll / Stollhaus

There are so many photo editing apps to choose from! I use Adobe Photoshop Express because it is convenient, free, and hosts the tools I need. Getting down to technicalities, I prefer Photoshop Express over other apps due to the Vibrance feature, auto white balance, and preset Crop aspect ratios because these are features I use on a daily basis. The Vibrance feature allows me to bump up the colors in my client’s photos in a way that doesn’t look over saturated. Most other photo editing apps only off the saturation adjustment and filters that result in an over edited look.

The Photoshop app is compatible with all smartphones, but if you’re an iPhone user you’ll get some additional benefits. I’d also like to suggest this app as a great tool for entry level editors.

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With Photoshop Express, Fix, and Mix you can take editing on the go. Not to mention, Photoshop Camera’s effects can add a new, exciting dimension to your creative photography.  Did you give Photoshop Express a go? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Why should I subscribe to Adobe Creative Suite?

Photoshop Express photo editor app displayed on iPone 12 Pro Max.
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Photoshop apps may be free, but by subscribing to Adobe Creative Suite, you have access to the best creative desktop software! Whether you are a design professional or a hobbyist, Adobe provides many platforms for visual design and photography. I prefer retouching on my desktop because I feel this platform gives me the best editing capability. If you would like to learn more about what Adobe Creative Suite has to offer, visit the Software Blog section to learn more about post processing, retouching, 2D design, video editing, and more. If you enjoyed learning about Photoshop Express, you will love our free Photoshop tutorials and tips. Click here to learn more!

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Adobe Photoshop for the desktop is my go to creative software. Use the link below to download Adobe Photoshop to access the best professional features!

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means Stollhaus receives a commission if you purchase through a link, at no cost to you. Please read the full disclosure here. 

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