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Google Store Financing will help you build and repair credit!

Google Store financing will help you build or repair your credit history by simply making a purchase! This credit card account is right for you if you need a new phone or laptop but are worried about affordability because you make a purchase today and pay for over the course of six months, interest free! 

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These interest free months make your purchase and debt manageable, so if you’re a student Google Store Financing is a great way for you to build credit because smartphones and laptops are necessary for school and work. Not to mention, Google’s reasonable prices make digital tech more affordable for students than Apple’s latest iPhone. Due to the affordability of Google’s tech, your credit purchase can foreseeably be paid off within the six month interest free window. 

What is Google Store Financing?

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Since Google is not a financial company, Synchrony Bank issues and services a credit card to help you pay for Google products.

Why do I need to build credit?

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Building a good credit score is important, especially for young adults. So If you are a young adult yourself, or the parent of a college student, opening a line of credit through Google Store Financing can be a responsible method to build credit and pave the way for financial adulthood.

If you’re trying to repair your credit score, then you already know how vital good credit is to financial wellbeing. Next, we’ll explore reasons to aim for a high credit score!

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A Good Credit Score is Vital to Financial Health

A credit score is like your financial GPA and having a good score shows you’re responsible and repay your debts to lenders that loan funds to you.

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Unlock Savings Benefits

Would you say no to saving money on your next new car or home? DIdn’t think so! Good credit makes you eligible for larger loans that have lower interest rates.

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Gain Access to Loans and Credit Cards

Good credit helps you take out mortgage and auto loans. However, if mortgage lenders see you have bad credit, they will deem it risky to give you a mortgage loan. So the higher your rating, the larger Auto loan amount you can qualify for.

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Utility Companies Require Good Credit

Electric companies, solar, cable, and other utilities will check your credit to see if you’re paying your bills, so to keep the lights on, keep up that credit score!

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Employer Credit Checks

Some employers will even check your credit to see if you’re financially responsible because they want to know they can trust you with company credit cards and other spending.

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When you’re young, you need to build a positive credit history so you can apply for apartments, credit cards, and loans when you need them.

In my early 20s, I took out a line of credit after I was promoted to a managerial position by my employer because I knew this would help build my credit score so I could apply for apartments. I waited for my promotion because I wanted to ensure that my salary would cover my debt. You can use a credit account responsibly by never spending more than you can afford, this will build a foundation for a positive credit history.

With Google Store Financing, you won’t owe interest for the first 6 months!

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Accruing more debt is the last thing you want, but sometimes there are purchases we need to make for work and college. This credit account can help you afford that next smartphone or laptop, which is more necessary because our lives and workforce are increasingly dependent on digital communication and technology.

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Google Store Financing Gives you full fraud protection!

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Google’s Zero fraud liability tells you that they’re a company that’s watching out for your best interests and security, so you know you can rely on Google and Synchrony Bank to secure your account. 

Google Store Financing has 0 annual fees!

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Opening a Google Store Financing account with Synchrony Bank has 0 annual or maintenance fees so you don’t have to worry about any extra expenses! 

Google Store Financing has 0% APR

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Additionally, you don’t have to worry about any extra costs incurred borrowing money on select purchases eligible for 0% APR!

How can I get started?

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Choose “Monthly payments” before you check out to apply for a Google Store Financing account with Synchrony Bank. After you’re approved, you will be able to complete your purchase through your new account!

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It’s important to note that you should plan ahead of time if you want to make a purchase before a sale or special offer ends. Plan ahead, because you will need to wait for your approval from Synchrony Bank before you can get the benefits of the credit account. Just to be safe, I advise applying 1-2 business days in advance.

For example, if Google is releasing a new model of the Pixel smartphone for Black Friday, and you want to purchase it through Google Store Financing, you should apply for the account a few days in advance to ensure you get the Black Friday deal! 

What products can I buy with Google Store Financing? 

Google Pixel Smarthphone
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Pixel 5 for $699.00 from Google

Now’s the time to get Google’s latest premium smartphone through Google Store Financing. You will only pay $5 a month for the first three months. The next monthly payments will be higher with 0% APR financing. This offer is limited, so if there’s a Google smartphone that has caught your eye, you should apply for Google Store Financing here. Visit Google’s website to view even more models of the Pixel smartphone.

Laptop Google Pixelbook Go
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Pixelbook Go for $649.00 from Google

Google’s Touch-Screen Chromebook Laptop is currently available for a limited time 0% APR offer, so no interest will be charged on your purchase. This lightweight laptop contains a powerful processor and a 12 hour battery life, so it’s perfect for students or professionals on the go!

Google Nest Hub Max. Afford the best tech through Google Store Financing.
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Nest Hub Max for $229 from Google

One of the best smart speakers on the market, The Nest Hub Max will check the weather, your commute, let you stream, and video chat. This smart speaker is very practical and easy to use throughout the day, wether you are checking your calendar or scrolling through family photos. Google Assistant is activated by voice commands, so you can ask it questions just like Apple’s Siri. This speaker will cover all of your needs!

How do I access my Google Store Financing Account?

To check your balance and make payments visit Synchrony Bank here

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Spend responsibly by setting up autopay through Synchrony Bank

To set up automatic payments, log into your Synchrony Bank account to begin the set up.

What are you waiting for? Choose your Google product and check out!

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Not sure which Google Product is right for you? Visit the Product Reviews section to learn more about the Pixel and other digital tech. (Section Coming Soon)

Did you try Google Store Financing? Let us know your thoughts!

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I hope Google Store Financing helped you afford your purchase and build credit! Which Google product did you purchase? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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