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Google Workspace Pricing, Benefits, and Everything you Need to Know!

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Everyone has heard of Google, and if you’re a small business owner you’ve probably heard of Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite. If you need a professional domain, business email address, or cloud based office software tools to heighten your productivity, keep reading because Google Workspace is right for you! Google Workspace not only grants you access to all of Google’s apps including Gmail, Docs, and Sheets, but Google Drive and Hangouts are tools that allow you to share and collaborate with your team. Let’s explore the Google Workspace pricing and plans so you can choose the best plan for you!

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Google Workspace is an affordable option for business software productivity tools. Its competitor, Microsoft 365, sits at a slightly higher price range. Small to medium businesses worldwide use Google Workspace due to its low pricing and advanced administrative features such as archiving and security. A slight jump in pricing has left many Google Workspace users wondering if the benefits of Google’s productivity apps justify this new price. Next, we’ll take a look at Google Workspace pricing and benefits, so you can decide if its business tools are right for you!

Google Workspace: How Much Does it Cost Per Plan?

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There are four Google Workspace plans to choose from. The more users you add to your plan, the higher your cost will raise per month. A user is considered to be a personalized email address such as you@yourbusiness.com. An email alias such as info@yourbusiness.com doesn’t count as a user and is included in your plan’s pricing.

Google Workspace Plans:

  • The Business Starter plan costs $6 per user a month and includes 30 GB of Storage. 
  • Business Standard costs $12 per user a month and gives you unlimited storage with extra controls.  
  • Next is the Business Plus plan which costs $18 per user a month and includes enhanced management controls in addition to 5 TB of cloud storage per user.
  • Finally Enterprise doesn’t list a price online because you need to contact Google sales for a quote. Enterprise is an enhanced package with unlimited storage, advanced support, and even more special features.

If you’re a small business with only a few Google Workspace users, these plans are very manageable! For example, I recommend Google Workspace to clients who are small startups because the range of plans allows for scalability. I know that if I grow my graphic design business into a larger firm, I can add more employees who will be able to access all of my company’s files through Google Drive.

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When I worked in the produce department of a grocery store, we used Google Sheets to plan our orders and estimate sales. Giving your retail business access to productivity tools for inventory management will help you examine your budget, orders, and consumer behaviors. However, if you’re a mid-large scale business, it may be costly to run your team’s storage, email, and software tools through Google Workspace. If the price still meets your budget, Google Workspace can be a great productivity tool for any company. Next, let’s take a look at the tools and features you’ll benefit from in each plan.

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Google Workspace Benefits

Every Google Workspace Plan will provide you with a professional email address along with tools for productivity and collaboration! However, each plan gives you access to different storage allowance, administrative controls, and security features. 

Which Google Workspace Plan is Right for You?

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Business Starter Plan

This plan is perfect for:

  • Freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs who have less than five employees.
  • Anyone who needs a professional email address and domain
  • Professionals who want to use cloud based tools from Google 
  • Anyone who doesn’t use large files so they won’t be limited by storage space
  • Businesses that don’t need archiving capabilities for emails, advanced security features, or other admin controls

The Google Workspace Business Starter plan comes with 30 GB of personal storage, so if you need more you should consider one of the following plans.

Business Standard Plan

At $12 per user a month, the Business Standard plan may be less budget friendly but it suits:

  • Businesses with a medium to large team.
  • Professionals who need to access all of the Google Workspace features with the addition of email and message archiving.
  • Companies who need to sync and share files throughout their team
  • Businesses who need video conferencing with less than 150 users per call.
  • Anyone who doesn’t need advanced administrative controls or security features

Check out Business Plus if you need more advanced features!

Business Plus

For $18 a month per user, a large scale business can get the benefits of:

  • Advanced security controls
  • 5 TB per user 
  • 250 participants per video conference


This plan is ideal for businesses that need more advanced features such as:

  • More administrative and security control over the company’s Workspace apps
  • Features to prevent data loss such as device management rules and security key management
  • Access to Google Vault for archiving emails that allows for integration with third-party tools for archiving such as Barracuda

Tip: If you don’t need all of these features for everyone on your team, you can purchase a different plan for each user. This will optimize your budget and structure your team because only team members who need advanced controls will have access to them.

Google Workspace also offers free special plans for schools and nonprofits. Check out Google’s free Education Workspace Plan for teachers by clicking here!

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Here’s our Conclusion of Google Workspace

So which plan is best for you? Are the benefits of Google Workspace worth the price? After reviewing the prices, we can see that the Business Starter and Business Standard plans are more affordable than similar plans offered by Microsoft 365. I appreciate the suite of office productivity tools and professional email, not to mention Google’s sizable storage allowances! However, if you’re a solopreneur who’s simply looking for an email hosting service for your business, there may be other providers that are cheaper. Google Workspace offers a range of plans that will fit every business size and budget. I feel that I can functionally run my business through Google Workspace and it accommodates my needs.

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Did you try Google Workspace? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Do you have any questions? Let us know!

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