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Sarah Jane Stoll founder of Stollhaus blog.

Sarah Jane Stoll

Stollhaus Founder

lives in: Ashford, CT
email: info@stollhaus.com
education: MPS in UX/UI Design Anticipated Spring 2023

Digital Design

Sarah Jane Stoll is the founder of Stollhaus design studio and blog. She graduated summa cum laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in painting. She attended art school to learn about Adobe Creative Suite, however she discovered that most software learning was developed independently This inspired Sarah to start the Stollhaus blog, so she can help aspiring creative professionals learn Adobe Creative Suite for free!  You can visit the Software Blog here for tips and tutorials!

I strip design down to its bare essentials.
Sarah Stoll

Financial Management

While attending art school, Sarah was surprised when her Business Intelligence teacher from Johns Hopkins said “Art isn’t a business.” However, Sarah discovered it the most important class she took in art school. Creative entrepreneurs need to be financially literate, so Sarah started a financial portion of the Stollhaus blog to educate creatives and those who want to start a small business. Click here to check out the Finance Blog!

Home Decor

Sarah is the mind behind the lifestyle authority, Stollhaus. Her goal is to keep you up to date with the latest design trends. She is a conscientious organizer and interior design perfectionist. Living in rural New England, Sarah is inspired by the simple, historical Puritan style because it strips design down to its bare essentials. Since New England is the cradle of American history, it hosts a timeless simplicity that is a very contemporary way of living. You can follow the latest modern and minimal design trends on the Home Decor Blog by clicking here.


William Stoll Brazilian American

Sarah Stoll is the founder of Stollhaus design studio and blog. She graduated summa cum laude from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2017 with a BFA in painting. You can view Sarah’s fine art portfolio by clicking here.
She is currently attend the UX MPS program and anticipates a degree in May 2023. You can view Sarah’s UX portfolio by clicking here.
Born in Orange County, CA Sarah grew up in Eastern Connecticut. Here Sarah was able to access New York’s Chelsea District and the MoMA. Her tendency towards minimalism is a direct influence of her heritage.
Sarah’s father, from Sao Luis, Maranhão, brought Brazilian art and music into her life. Her father travelled to the United States from São Paulo to study design and play soccer in the US. Her mother showed her the aesthetics of Nordic minimalism and taught her how to draw from a young age.


Sarah is currently leading a campaign to raise awareness of Global Hunger because she wants to assist families in need. In order to do this, she is working with Filling in the Blanks to host virtual food drives. She has chosen to hold virtual food drives because they limit human contact. Sarah hopes food donations will assist families struggling in the wake of COVID-19 because many people across the nation lack financial stability.

In addition to supporting her community, environmental conservation is at the heart of her life work. Sarah advocates environmental conservation through her work because she is passionate about fighting ecological crisis. She hopes to donate 10% of each Stollhaus print sale to a local environmental action non-profit so the funds would directly protect the environment. Currently, Stollhaus aims to support Save the Sound  because this organization works to restore Connecticut’s shoreline.


Art and Conservation


2-D Award, Earth Speaks VI, Pocono Arts Council, Stroudsburg, PA.

2-D Fine Art


1st Prize, Night: The 28th Annual Strathmore Juried Exhibition, The Strathmore Art Institution. Bethesda, MD.

2-D Design


Fred & Jonna Lazarus 30 Year Competitive Scholarship, MICA. Baltimore, MD.

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